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In fact, a point could be made that all reasonably humanoid males in the game are either tall or possess a Heroic Build of ridiculous proportions; whereas all the human girls are lithe killing machines with slender bodies to murder for. There are thousand of pictures with them in human, anime forms, in which Flippy is drawn at least One Head Taller than Flaky. The size difference between Oberon and Titania is less extreme, but noticeable enough to count as well. With trolls, both sexes are long and lean Happens easily in City of Heroes where your typical female PC is under 5'10" cm often under 5' cm even in height while many male PCs are past the 6'6" 2m mark and top out at 8'2" 2.

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Wright 's War of the Dreaminghalf-titan Raven is married to the very, very petite Wendy.

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Any fanfic shipping Supernatural 's Sam Winchester 6'5" and muscular and Gabriel 5'8" and compact. Originally, Bruce Banner became the Hulk by saving an irresponsible teenager from being caught in an atomic bomb blast and that said teenager became hulk's companionwhich would make it another trope altogether. In The City Hunteractor Lee Min Ho is only comparatively tall at 6'1", but he's huge compared to the diminutive actresses he's paired with. The Legend of Zelda: Of course size means nothing but a height difference as Hanala is the brutally violent one.

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