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For a while, I thought Robitel whose most recent directorial effort was the Insidious spin-off, The Last Key intended to take the movie along a trajectory similar to those in thrillers like Sleuth or David Fincher's The Game, where reality becomes a parlor trick and things are rarely what they seem. If one didn't know anything about his past, one wouldn't assume his "day job" involved stand-up. Staple is neither interesting nor dynamic. He lives his life in a chair that he moves by blowing into a tube. The movie is primarily a drama but, despite Phillip's initial death-wish, it avoids a dark trajectory. It's the old slasher-movie game of "guess the order in which the people die" reimagined for a PG audience in other words, no gore.

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Serenity For a while, it seems like Serenity is going to a be a fairly routine neo-noir thriller. Aquaman doesn't stand well side-by-side with either and that makes it a mild disappointment for comic book fans and another potential stumbling block for those who are trying to raise DC's stable of heroes to the same level as Marvel's. And I still did and still do. Able to use only his face and voice, Cranston nevertheless conveys a full body's worth of reactions. And we went home empty-handed instead of off to jail with Jimbo, and I remember having a lot of mixed feelings about what had just taken place. By the third instance, it's grounds for a drinking game. It's not hard to imagine children enjoying The Kid Who Would Be King - it has been made with them in mind and, to the extent that directorial intent is the primary characteristic by which a movie's success is determined, one can't dismiss this production.

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