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This unbelievable set-up means that the Smith family lose this one to Brian, the talking, smoking, Martini-swilling, hot-girl-pulling Griffin family pet. Several recurring voice actors were featured in this episode. Hayley opts out of the session, but Jeff insists that she stay with the plan. It was viewed by 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stan shows progress by acting out a scene from WarGamesbut refuses to perform the love scene with Roger as the "leading lady".

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The liberal, hippy tendencies of Ms.

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A Piñata Named Desire

Roger explains now there's no threat to Steve challenging Stan, and no threat of Steve's future son whom shall never be born challenging him. Views Read Edit View history. In his review for the episode, he opined: When they come to the love scene, Roger is confident that Stan won't be able to kiss him, but Stan gets over his disgust and does so; this leads to another battle of one-upmanship as they perform increasingly raunchier sexual acts until finally they're both arrested for public indecency for simulating sexual intercourse on stage. Stan later apologizes to him, and admits to having failed to raise him to be a man. This would be the second time Heisler has written an episode for the season, having also written season six episode " A. Club gave the episode a positive review.

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