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People like to complain. Avid fans of both films will have a blast watching this - it's everything the first AVP film was not - mainly Aliens and Predators batteling it out in fully gory detail! This was the worst movie of the year. The monstrous antagonist brings something new to both worn franchises. This movie was terrible. Legend of the Jungle - 1.

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Sal Jan 30,

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AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem

I also think they rushed through the movie, if they ever make a third i hope it will astonish the fans. The plot was as tired and predictable as the melodramatic acting usually a pinch of Stanavslavski in main stream theatre works a treat but this was just excessive. The best part of this movie Not even sure if there is anything good about this movie. December 25, 4. A great movie to get a group of your friends together and laugh at. SpotS Dec 25, We see depictions on wall carvings of alien creatures fighting each other.

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aliens vs predator nude people
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aliens vs predator nude people
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