Dragon ball z necked

Piccolo fingered small circles around the collarbone experimentally and watched in amusement as Gohan's breath hitched in his sleep. Bulma recoiled in fear, and Gohan and Yamcha stepped forward to intervene, but Chichi's punch was caught before it landed. He wanted that first kiss. Gohan is sleeping in the forest where they have been training while Piccolo is watching him sleep. He thought over the days they spent together Romance Dawn Dragon Ball Z:

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He outstretched his hand and threaded his fingers through his hair, but this time in a new tender manner, one with no hidden perversions or lust.

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You need to login to do this. He was in a corner of the clearing, surreptitiously practicing the fighting moves Trunks had taught him. The child released his fingers from his mouth, a red blush graced its way across his nose and cheek, and Gohan muttered those words. Retrieved 17 May Yet it was the purest form of love Piccolo ever knew.

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dragon ball z necked
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dragon ball z necked
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  1. What an unbelievably HOT series!! I came multiple times to each of the 3!! Can't wait to see more of her!!