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We gratefully accepted the meal and as we ate we discussed our options for the day. The only problem was, the "beaches" where we currently were on the island consisted of giant rocks and cliff faces. I took the snorkel out and explored the surrounding reef. That's when luck started to turn against us. The buildings were made of concrete and there was a nice little concrete path through all the houses.

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They blinked their lights at us and we immediately felt a wave of relief.

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We grabbed the paddles and started working our way to shore. We got out our lamp, and started to blink what we thought was the SOS signal, 3 fast blinks followed by 3 long blinks followed by a long pauses turns out we were close, it's 3 fast blinks, 3 slows blinks, 3 fast blinks followed by a long pause. When our eyes were exhausted from all the screen time we left and headed down the street to get some lunch. It took us an hour or two to reach Tangkil and we were greeted by a beautiful beach with no one it. The fishing boat, that came within feet of us, just kept going.

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